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Interesting concept, but I think it needs a better feedback loop. What about adding something to trick the players? Maybe there can be collectibles that lure the player (each can increase their score). This adds a layer of complexity:

  • Player has to think if he/she can collect, increase their score or
  • Stop collecting and safe guard on a lower tile (1, 2, 3...depending on the opponent tile)

Well, just a suggestion for the gameplay design, congrats on yet another published game <3


Really good ideia! This game clearly needs polish and I'm aware of it :)

I think it needs more playtasting at this stage of development, to improve the overall experience.

But it's crazy to develop a multiplayer game alone, I'll ask for my friends help in this one :)

Thanks for the feedback, it means a lot! (and I really like your idea, for real, thinking of ways to implement it)