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Well, I feel like my hopes and dreams of becoming a professional juice bar barista have gone out the window after my abysmal performance. I joke. I enjoyed the game a lot.


I liked your game and art , I paid tribute to you.

WOW! That's awesome!! I love voxel art! Thank you man, this is really great! :D

Cool submission, those SFX were JUICY. Very addicting, very fun. Both the the juice being drank and the score fading when it's not changing were genius touches of polish.

That said, colliding with the cup was really annoying, and it was made worse if you don't get some juice on the cup, but not enough the fill a full row, the cup just won't go away (I know, I know, I suck at juicemaking). I was also expecting other fruits besides grapes...

Ok quickly got to 1000 after I found out that if you're in the same side as the cup when it's spawning you won't collide with it.

Very addicting indeed.

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Very glad you enjoyed it :D

There are 4 different fruit types, you only got grapes? That's strange.

I think I still have time to improve that cup mechanic before the jam ends, thanks for the feedback!


You're more than welcome!

Let me know if you update so I can beat my high score give you some more feedback. :)

Just uploaded an improved version :D

thanks again, great to read some feedback before the deadline