Version 1.01 - Fixing bugs and adding new stuff!


- New pause menu, with restart level and back to main menu options.

- Redesigned level 05.

- Breakable blocks now have to receive impact to get broken.


- Removed the ability to make the player pass through platforms in some stages.

- Fixed the player "dying" after beating level 08.


- More levels will be added soon! :) 

-  A collectable (a four leaf clover) will be implemented in every stage to add another degree of challenge! 


LuckyGuy-v1.01-Windows.rar 8 MB
Sep 17, 2018

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Hey! The game looks cool, congrats on that!

Although me and, I think every linux user, would really appreciate not using .rar to compress files :P


Thanks for the advice Pigdev :)

Didn't know that!