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I LOVE THIS GAME! Thank you for making this game Davi! It was so hard to beat but so much fun, I'd love to see the concept expanded.

That’s awesome! A full version of the game is coming reaaaally soon!
You can follow me if you want to receive a notification :D


Wow! I really didn't expect that! Such great news :) Already following ofc. ty

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This is a great game and all but I think you have to work on the walljump and the overall controls cuz its kinda rough. Also WASD and mouse control will be much better than now

Thank you for the feedback! That is actually a game I made in 2 days for the first "Mix and Game Jam", I agree that It is not very polished as It is.

May I ask you How tou found this page? It's curious how people are still finding this game after all this time since I made it :)

This game is sooo amazing and good like this just needs a bit more polish and more levels, and it could be a major steam release

how do i play?

left/right: move

up: jump (you can wall-jump too)

space: shoot


left/right: steer

The game was really difficult but also really fun. Also if anyone is wondering, there's 10 levels in this game.